Every so often I get sent a link that is either humorous, interesting, or a sad commentary on how silly people can be. Here is where I will put the creme of the crop of that bunch - both for your edification and because my bookmarks file gets overloaded.

And remember, a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek and may tend to offend some. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Book Publishers Unveil Anti-Copying Devices - courtesy of Kiption Verastin
Seanbaby's Super Friends Page - courtesy of Steve Montgomery
Death Test
Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - this is REALLY odd English humor
The Last Page of the Internet
Pete's Evil Overlord List - thanks to Riel
Postal Experiments


Top 20 Sci-Fi Movie List
The collected Stick Fighting Stories
The Best Darn Baseball Game I've Ever Watched
Kill the Dog from Duck Hunt

Interesting Stuff

Freedom of Information Act: Famous Person's List - another Kiption submission
Slate Editorial Cartoons - humorous and thought-provoking, especially this off-site nugget by Mark Fiore.

Stupid People

Is your Son a Computer Hacker? - courtesy of Kevin McAbee