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August 28, 2003 - Useful links

Here's a tool I thought was kinda neat. Its called TreeSize and can tell you the amount of space used by files in a folder without going through each darn file. I may even spring for the pro version down the line.

You never know when TechRepublic won't ask you to sign in to see its content, but in case you can directly link in without registering, here's an article about that SoBig worm and some of the repercussions it has.

August 2, 2003 - More Mozilla tricks

I wish this was a standard option, as every time I do an upgrade I have to reinvent the wheel. Anyway, when I open a new tab, I like to have it open up to my home page instead of some anonymous blank thing, so I use this trick. It is a little time consuming, but it saves me from loading a whole new add-on I didn't want.

Figured I'd pass that along as I haven't updated this page in awhile.

May 7, 2003 - Mozilla

I really have gotten to like using the Mozilla browser. It by no means does everything Internet Explorer does - at least not as well. It also has a bit of a learning curve on it. So, while I tend to enjoy working with something until I can force it to work properly, you probably don't. That is why I am linking you to this very well-written article on some of the key features of Mozilla. Enjoy.

May 6, 2003

Kind of in a transition zone. If you wouldn't mind being patient I will roll out the new support subdomain as soon as I figure out what I plan to do with it. Thanks.

I will definitely take seriously any requests for information you'd like to see here. Until more updates come up, humor yourself with the software list below. Maybe you'll find a tool you could really use.

Recommended Software and Helpful Links

This section is devoted to the idea that sometimes you need a software tool and just can't quite find what you are looking for. If one of these links do not work, just pop me a message and I'll see about updating it. Most of these are things that I have loaded on my own machine that seem to help out. Others are just useful tools for occasional loading and using. Either way, I hope this can help you out.

Following that are links to general support forums and sites that seem to help me in doing my job. Feel free to let me know if there is anything you go to for help as well.


Multi-media Tools Communications
Adobe Acrobat Reader AOL Instant Messenger
Winamp MSN Messenger
Windows Media Player Yahoo Instant Messenger
Macromedia Flash Player ICQ
Macromedia Shockwave Player
File Compression BelArc Advisor
WinZip Netstat Live
  System Utilities
Programs Spybot
Copernic Properties Plus
ACDsee PrcView
  Additional Utilities
Browsers Atomic TimeSynch
Netscape Communicator CoolMon
Internet Explorer Desktop Weather
Mozilla Rainlendar
Opera True Launch Bar
  Kerio Personal Firewall
FTP Programs  



Adobe Product Support

Windows Registry Guide

Microsoft Product Support Services


Virus Information & Hoax Checking

Symantec Security Response

McAfee Avert



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