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Frequently Asked Questions

In the grand tradition of websites, I plan to try to provide some questions and answers that may or may not cover some of the quandries you may have concerning this site. If you have actual questions you'd like answered, email me and I may add them here. For now you are stuck with these dull options.

Q. Who the heck are you?
A. If you have to ask, you are really in the wrong place. Please refer yourself to Google and find something more in line with your interests.

Q. No really, who are you?
A. You still here? Okay, my name is John (last name obvious) and I originally hail from Illinois amongst other places. In time I hope to have some basic genealogy type stuff to track as much of my family history as I can find (yes, I could use help in that). If you are a frequent visitor to the site, you will know not to hold your breath at that statement.

Q. But....why?
A. That actually is a great question. I built this site because I wanted to try my hand at web design and because I am fundamentally impressed by shiny objects. Really.

Q. What if someone complains about the name?
A. Well, if there is a huge call for another Wallenfeldt to do something impressive with the name, I would welcome them to either work with me on some hosting stuff or try the .net or .org or .whatever extensions. I'm sure I could be coerced into giving up the domain name, but it would really have to be a good plan.

Q. Does this site have a content rating?
A. Not unless you have a dullness meter.

A. (#2) Actually, I try really hard to keep everything at about a PG-13 type level. I mean, I have nephews already in school and a niece that will probably learn to read faster than we think. I do, however, have a couple of exceptions. The first is the message board. The second is the Otherland pages (still way underdeveloped). Why? Well, for one I am not responsible for what other people post or the direction they take them in. "Other people" currently only mean Liz and Chris but you get the idea. I also do not want to totally overly sanitize anything I do. I just want to set some limits. So, stick to the main pages and you will likely only find innuendo and maybe some opinions that are likely more offensive than any language you might read. Basically, you have been warned. - developed by and copyrighted ©2003 by John Wallenfeldt.
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