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The Wedding Party

I would have to say that the best part - and incidentally the hardest - has been trying to share our day with our friends and family without being too imposing and invasive. This may or may not be all that successful of a goal, but I swear to you that such was the original goal.

So, though a few details remain to be worked out, we at least know who will be in our wedding party. As far as a biological sketch goes, we'll have to let the interested parties throw in their two cents before we mention too much.

Don't take any placement or comments seriously. Especially the's a little tongue in cheek at this point.

In any case, I'm babbling. So, without further ado...the wedding party.


Tracy Tholin
DeKalb, Illinois

Tracy is currently a Hall Director at Northern Illinois University and wants no one to know that she originally introduced Leslie & John to each other.

Joseph Strand
Galva, Illinois

Actually I've been looking for a way to put this picture online for awhile. Joe is a good friend with a quirky sense of humor and finely tuned yo-yo skills.

Alicia Hund
Iowa City, Iowa

Alicia is pursuing a doctorate in Psychology at the University of Iowa. Being an Illinois graduate, I will actually lay off all the comments currently running through my head at this time.

Cory Dilts
New Windsor, Illinois

No, it's not a's just Cory. That does not mean however that you are safe from any of his pranks....

Okay, you're safe...we're not.

Krista Sease
Austin, Texas

You know why Krista is smiling? She lives in Austin and works from home at times. Those of you living up north can appreciate the benefits of that...can't you?

Jason Lindstrom
Galva, Illinois

Alright, I'll get a little sentimental here. This gentleman has gone through a lot of unique situations with me and in doing so is a very dear friend.


Honestly, I need to find some better pictures for these two, but Justin's is funny and Tom's is just there to embarrass him until I scan a newer one.

Justin Mooney
Woodhull, Illinois

Granted, I really shouldn't do this to the guy, but he showed up to Joe & Jen's reception without a date and this mayhem ensued.

Besides, he's got a good sense of humor and may even appreciate this.

So, if you find him at the reception with a gleem in his eye, kindly hide the mop. Thanks.

Thomas Wallenfeldt
Galva, Illinois

Unlike some of us poor souls, Tom is still in high school and living at home. Though he works and plays sports and otherwise entertains himself in artistic ways that put me at least to shame.

Of course, he's my brother and i've got a lot of respect for anyone who grew up around me and hasn't gone insane in the process.


In all seriousness, these are just some of our nearest and dearest and I wish we could include everyone we care about.

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